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我们配备室内高级建筑师,景观规划师,三维设计师,品牌规划师,软装设计 师,施工图深化师,具有较高的设计功底和人格修养。
自创立以来,正予设计致力打造具有人文关怀的教育空间,为教育空间设计而 奋斗。
我们秉持着“做有准备的教育空间”的理念,严谨的专业态度、真正的服务意识、 项目的掌控力度、对细节的严格要求,规范的设计管控流程,在全国与多家教 育机构合作并圆满完成设计项目。
Changsha Zhengzheng Decoration Design Co., Ltd. was established in Changsha in 2006.
We are equipped with indoor senior architects, landscape planners, 3D designers, brand planners, soft designer, construction drawing intensive division, with high design skills and personality cultivation.
The multifaceted background brings the company's aesthetic values, educational concepts, and implementation experience.
Since its inception, it has been designed to create an educational space with hum anistic care and strive for educational space design.
We uphold the concept of “prepared education space”, rigorous professional attit ude, true service awareness, project control, strict requirements for details, standa rdized design control process, and cooperation with many educational institution s across the country. Successfully completed the design project.